Top Tips for lawyers

speramos they maintain their place as soon as Step Over interested in the higher half of the success in the legal profession. Pass on Teteks hire to get in Hugo Boss and health to shoot toward Armani. Certainly there is no one more interested than you can have a lot of interns and associates, and a secretary to speak on the intercom, even though you are a few meters. Morning, the old Hyundai I cry for a “chetvorche, petche.” Not that they will teleport to the beautiful world of adults, but not much tell you

1- Not enter the court, if it was a good topic. Evidence you will stop them with numbers, beautifully arranged in chronological order. The college was called “historical method of research.” Following the same method will remember dates, important facts. The names that you know by heart, in a dream you wake up to “sing.”

2- An analysis of the legal environment as they expected. Or the judge thinks that point is about the judge in the case when you enter such convictions used so far to conduct hearings. Inquire for the court, whether local-patriotic (eg in Kavadarci, Ohrid will laugh at how to love their local representatives. For years, will it get the case and the trial will give you exactly when the debtor is bankrupt) fast and “close” competent (Tetovo, Struga) competent and slow centimeter (Skopje) or Pelagoniski triangle (Prilep, Bitola, Resen), which are slow and fast, competent and incompetent local-patriotic, but and “tujdzhi are sakaldisvet” .

3- Make basic legal argument for this fight to prove and task forces groups around the thesis. If you have a hard correct thesis for sightseeing in the case. Even when you are before going to sleep in the sixth witness (absolutely unimportant) at the hearing, a word contrary to its argument you should hear them heard as volchjakot Tito! So U N, Mom!

4- Use the mistakes of his opponent. Council million dollars: to begin their presentations from the mistakes of opponents! No matter if the error is formal, material, through ignorance or do very intelligent. Sit down with coffee and mark the errors of “mister maskulo” notebook, make a collection of errors of games and start podnesocheto it with love. So is there anything nicer than making your cloth opponent of his faults? Then there 🙂

5- Set the necessary atmosphere in the courtroom and keep it at that level. Choose your atmosphere in the courtroom as the climate change on the stereo. Whether concert hall, stadium or silence. Here’s how you see fit. Look along the atmosphere, for example, if the judge want to disturb the atmosphere expressing special proximity to its opposite person,

6-Rezhni little to restore calm in the silence. If you start to exaggerate a little reshenijca bringing that little namigame through U N emerged. And if you overdo Herr judge, then to demonstrate all the skills to “explode” you learned in school, stadium or American films



Because I need a lawyer

The legal profession is often linked to a problem is not a pleasant situation, and even with misfortune.

This is partially true. But only in part.

– Regarding the lawyer problematic situation can be “Up”, “Once” or “Together”.

“After” – is when a person or organization on their own, relying only on their own strength, the situation has already led to disastrous results.

In most of these situations, the lawyer, unfortunately, can not help.

At the same time, a lawyer can help customers reduce the negative consequences and losses.

For example, the court lost on the other side asked to take an additional decision to recover payment for the service representative at a decent size.

A lawyer can help fight the reduction of that amount. It’s possible.

A lawyer can negotiate and reach a compromise or a solution that can satisfy both parties. It is also possible. But not always.

The good news is that from the moment of access to a lawyer of the person or organization will learn about the real possibility of obtaining support for legal assistance. In the long run, it saves time, energy and money – no need to look professional, the customer is already familiar with the lawyer.

“Together” – it is the most common situation. The disaster happened, there was a problem situation – you need a legal adviser, protector. And, often, it is urgently needed. It happens.

The person or organization to spend time and effort to look for a lawyer in a hurry to turn random lawyer or “first eat.” Sometimes the criteria are not high prices, promises the “bright future”, guarantees 100% positive result. And then, as luck. Luck will be the result, not of luck – will be followed by disappointment.

At the same time, if you do not apply to a lawyer at all – the consequences described above.

According to the Constitution of Russia and Federal Law Legal Practice and the Bar in the Russian Federation, the lawyer is an independent legal advisor.

For information about the Customer protect attorney-client privilege. attorney-client privilege applies, in particular, that of the client to a lawyer.

Attorney-client privilege does not expire.

A lawyer shall not engage in other paid activities, except for scientific, teaching and creative activities.

In providing legal assistance, the lawyer:

– Provide advice and information on legal issues both orally and in writing;

– Of the requests, complaints, petitions and other legal documents;

– Represents the interests of the principal in the constitutional process;

– Participates as a representative of the principal in civil and administrative proceedings;

– Participates as a principal representative or advocate in criminal proceedings and proceedings in cases of administrative offenses;

– Participates as a representative of the main examination of cases in arbitration court, international commercial arbitration (court) and other organizations to resolve conflicts;

– Represents the interests of the principal in the state power bodies, local self-government, public associations and other organizations;

– Represents the interests of the principal in the public authorities, courts and agencies responsible for the enforcement of foreign states, international judicial bodies, non-governmental organizations of foreign states, unless otherwise specified in the legislation of foreign states, the statutes of bodies international judicial and other international organizations or international treaties of the Russian Federation;

– Participates as a representative of the principal in the implementation process and the execution of criminal penalties;

– Acts as representative of the principal in tax legal relations.

Representatives of organizations, public authorities, local self-government organs in civil and administrative proceedings, proceedings on cases only lawyers can act Offences.

The lawyer may provide other legal assistance not prohibited by federal law.

In other words, the lawyer can follow any legitimate activities of a person or organization.

“Together” – which means shoulder to shoulder, elbow to elbow.

“Up” or time problems. Remember the anecdote about the mineral water?

The doctor advised the patient to drink water instead of careless attitude to health.

Today, in our country this option to communicate with a lawyer is not very common.

There are people who think that a lawyer may be required only if something happens. While thunder breaks …

This is a fallacy. And so people misleading and organizations have to pay.

There are people who believe that the lawyer – is expensive and is not available. It is also misleading.

At the same time, he is in close contact with counsel and advice before making a decision will help avoid mistakes and failures. To avoid wasting time, money and health.

But how to choose a lawyer? Today, open source, you can find enough information to choose a lawyer and forms of cooperation with them.

“The most appropriate and universal form of cooperation is the special personal lawyer program.” The office of advice you can get free information on the program to discuss the details and agree to the terms of cooperation with the lawyer, right for you.

In our bar you will feel the attention and interest of your employees is not similar to other situations.



Good lawyer tips

lawyer. Today, I will continue to talk about the lawyers. I’ll tell you about the so-called defenders of free and advise – what to do if you work is a lawyer.

For starters, imagine the situation. You are arrested on suspicion of committing a crime. The investigator begins the interrogation. And you do not have, nor his lawyer, nor the opportunity to pay for legal services. However, you – the person competent and know their rights. Therefore, you are sure to represent the investigator did not say a word without a lawyer. The investigator, taking into account your legitimate demands – calling someone and after a while there is a lawyer in his office. He fills the order, sends it to the investigator and thus comes in. Now he – your defender. Your free lawyer.

I have to say that the word “free” – a purely national definition. Its synonyms – the state, the attorney for 51 minutes (this is an article in the Criminal Procedure Code, which regulates the activities of lawyers by appointment), Cop, and now, probably, the police lawyer – the concept of the same narrow-minded environment. Legally correct name – a lawyer for other purposes. This is about them today and we’ll talk.

Lawyers for the destination, it’s the same lawyer, but only the initiative of their entry into the matter does not come from you, but from an investigator or a judge (depending on what stage of the proceedings the lawyer comes in). The agreement with the lawyer you do not conclude. And pay for a lawyer to work in this case the state, not the client. The number of hours worked and the amount of payment determined by the investigator or the judge. They also make a decision on payment.

It is in this that, according to lawyers, and financial dependence vicious lies a free lawyer from an investigator or a judge.

Of course, the vast majority of lawyers is a decent and responsible lawyers. And work on the “free” works for them it is a testing ground for honing their professional skills. Therefore, if you work a specialist, you do not need to worry. He has done his job conscientiously.

But there is, unfortunately, and other facts. Discussed problem in the press and on the Internet that some lawyers work only on free cases. in these cases work their core earnings, and it depends on the number of these cases and most of the lined up a trusting relationship with the investigator, and not with the client. And, unfortunately, not how professional they are doing their job.

Not so long ago in Tomsk, I met with my university friends. Basically – a judge at various levels, prosecutors, lawyers with solid experience. Among other things, we talked about such free defenders. So, almost all the opinion of one thing – it formalists, who, excuse the tautology – nothing to do with the case itself.

By the way, in our region, the situation with lawyers on purpose – it can be said safely. Advocates’ Chamber of the Krasnoyarsk Territory developed preventive measures to prevent such abuse by lawyers. But the detection of these cases, a lawyer immediately deprived of the status of the lawyer and his work as a lawyer ceases.

If you are sure that your loved ones are taken care of you and you will find a reliable lawyer, it is best to give up at once from a lawyer for other purposes.

Well, if you still defends a lawyer, then I recommend you take the initiative to protect themselves in their own hands.

Take advantage of the rights of the suspect, which provides you with the law.

So, if the investigator intends to proceed with the questioning, and appointed you a defender for some reason it is not – ask for a lawyer present. And do not settle for the investigator’s proposal to start an interrogation without him.

Keep in mind that before the interrogation, you are entitled to a lawyer in private, without limitation in time. I recommend you take advantage of this right. With this communication tete-a-tete talk with a lawyer what indications it is best to give your situation, and whether they are generally given.

If the investigator fails to provide you such visits, whatever the reason for the ban, refuse to testify. And in the record of the interrogation indicate that he did not testify, because you were not granted a meeting with a lawyer in private, and thus was violated your right to privacy.

And more about the meeting with a lawyer. Remember, the law gives you the right to communicate with them privately and confidentially, without limiting the number of meetings and their duration.

It is important to know that your lawyer has a right to examine the records of investigative actions, but only those that have been held with your participation, as well as with the decision to institute criminal proceedings against you. Therefore, ask the lawyer that he got acquainted with these documents.

Well, if a lawyer, do you think, in good faith to act, you have the right to refuse it.

Here are some tips that will help you to conclude that such a lawyer – you do not back:

If he refuses to communicate with you alone before the interrogation.

If you do not intend to discuss with your line of defense.

If your proposal to protect listens reluctantly.

If it persuades you to admit guilt, even without delving into the essence of the arisen suspicions about you.

Give up such a defender.

Then, perhaps, another lawyer for the purpose, carry out their work more professionally. And another very important information you need to know. Do not build illusions that the lawyer for the purpose, really free. It’s not like that at all. The money that the state pays for the lawyer involved in your case, the State has the right to collect from you. In practice this happens so. The prosecutor refers to the court to recover from you the procedural costs, including, in particular, and the amounts paid to assigned counsel



Tips lawyer in criminal cases

Defense in criminal proceedings – an important and responsible task criminal lawyer. Many people who never imagined that a similar meeting persecution, are in an unexpected situation when acquiring the status of a suspect or accused in a criminal case.

Moreover, often already in the pre-investigation phase (before the prosecution), obviously in relation to which the bodies are working. Practice shows that the earlier a criminal lawyer starts running, more favorable will be the result for the defense.

If you find yourself in this situation, we recommend that you do the following:

Calm down. sharp movement, hasty and chaotic with the hand can only do harm. Remember that even the witness has the right to appear for questioning by his lawyer. If you have question or poll – think about every word, read the reports and do not hesitate to ask them to make corrections. If employees are, in your opinion, misbehave, violate their rights, require making appropriate comments about the protocols or extend its

own. If you do not provide the time to talk right away, you can not find a lawyer or have other reasons that do not allow you to carefully consider the situation – use the right not to testify.

According to art. 51 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation no one is compelled to testify against himself, his spouse and close relatives.

If choosing a better lawyer.

Their protection should be involved in a professional and a person calling you trust. Listen to the recommendations of people with authority over you. In consultation with a lawyer to ask any questions – between you and the lawyer must be circumstances not specified materials. Meet with several criminal lawyers for the correct choice. This is very important.

Read the agreement that you sign up with a lawyer. Remember that the agreement to make the conditions of each party may, at its discretion.

Beware of lawyers who immediately announced the possibility to solve your problem in a criminal case for a fee. You know – decision in a criminal case can only take the court, the investigator and the inquiry body.

On the steps of the criminal case, the accused’s defense lawyer (suspect) is called the defender. He (and you) have a large set of procedural rights. investigator rights of the accused and the suspect, a person conducting an inquiry is necessary to clarify the hand.

Thus, according to the Part. . 4 Article 46 of the Criminal Procedure Code of the Russian Federation, the suspect has the right to:

1) to know what he is suspected of, and obtain a copy of the decision to institute criminal proceedings against him, an arrest report or a copy of the application of a preventive measure;

2) give explanations and evidence on available regarding their suspicions or refuses to give explanations and evidence. If the suspect agrees to testify, he should be warned that their testimony can be used as evidence in criminal proceedings, including when it is followed by a refusal by this evidence, except as provided in paragraph 1 of the second part of the article 75 of this Code;

3) a term defense counsel established by paragraphs 2-3.1 Part III of Article 49 of this Code, and have a meeting with him in private and in confidence before the first interrogation of a suspect;

4) submit evidence;

5) make motions and challenges;

6) to give testimony and explanations in their native language or the language he speaks;

7) to an interpreter free of charge;

8) to become familiar with the research activities carried out with the records

participation, and post comments on them;

9) to participate with the permission of the investigator or the official information lists of research activities conducted at their request, at the request of his lawyer or legal representative;

10) to lodge complaints against the actions (inaction) and decisions of the court, prosecutor, investigator and the investigator.




How to Annoy your lawyer

  1. Ask the lawyer guarantees

Always ask the lawyer guarantees. A lawyer must give a guarantee that it winning. He will judge your money, property discourage the enemies, you will be acquitted. In court, he must prove that white – it’s black and black – it’s white and you do not stick citizen was beaten on the head, and he hit her head several times.

Otherwise, why attorney general took up your business? A lawyer must remind you that the chances of your enemies against you, no, but the court’s decision be in your favor.

If your attorney refuses to give you such a guarantee from afar talking about some legal ethics, give him an example from the life of your friend, whom some lawyer miraculously “otmazatsya” exactly in the same situation.

  1. It’s so simple.

When your lawyer calls the price for their services – be indignant and say that it can not cost so much drawing paper, or go to court. If the lawyer will insist that for this it is necessary to get acquainted with the materials of the case or to study jurisprudence, agree, but require safeguards (see. Item 1).

  1. Let’s lawyer specified.

If you have already concluded an agreement with a lawyer on the conduct of the case, to call all of their friends, acquaintances and unfamiliar. Tell them about your problem and find out all the possible ways to solve your problem. Then call your lawyer and ask to conduct your business the way you tell your friends and acquaintances.

Monitor every action lawyer. Check every document, and if anything it is not so, as advised by Nicholas – husband neighbor Nadia, who works in the police, the driver in the security services, require it to fix it.

  1. Do not try to help a lawyer.

If you agree with a lawyer will call, in any case does not call back. And if you have phoned and arranged to meet never come on time. If the lawyer asks you to bring the documents – not bring. If the lawyer asks to bring witnesses – are not given. Call him and say that for your money need the result, the rest of you do not care.

Advocate for and pay them to do everything and without papers, witnesses and your help.

  1. Never paid labor lawyer in time.

If you agree with a lawyer about the payment of his work in installments – rejoice, it is now possible to work does not pay. After all, the lawyer does not get upset if you will not pay it on time. He happily go to court and there is a genuine enthusiasm to protect you. Since he did not lose anything.

After all, the lawyer is not doing anything, going from office to office, shaking the air. After all, you promised him such denzhischi !!!



The ten most important tips

  1. If you aggressively impose their visit to legal advice office paid without listening to their situation and not give you the intelligible answer about it.
  2. If you constantly change specialist to specialist, explaining what you need an expert in this. out of place
  3. If the cost of management services in civil court trial is below 10,000 rubles. lawyers

4.Skolko – so many opinions, call at least five lawyers, at least 3 opinions will match your problem, choose from these three the most competent.

  1. If a lawyer provides a quick and 100% of winning in court.
  2. If a lawyer is formally complied with, without much interest, with the documents and you do not listen carefully to you when you are presenting the circumstances of the case.

7.Opasaytes “free legal advice” this new customer seduction method that works perfectly, but then goes to the client side. (If the query is actually free, then you certainly will not be difficult to attract the company’s office, where you will not notice,

  1. If a lawyer promises you positively to solve your case in court, referring to the “right people” and requires you money for it, in addition to their remuneration.
  2. If a lawyer can not explain to you the meaning, and legal justification of its actions necessary for its defense in court. do not neglect the transfer of the legal language to Russian. Ask questions to a lawyer, as long as you do not come to realization they said.
  3. They refer to a particular specialist in the order you want, as the field of law in rare cases, cars lawyer can help you with its five neighbors room apartment Gulf.



Tips lawyer advice

Political persecution is proving increasingly broad and activists are increasingly persecuted. Lawyer Dmitry shared Dinze Kasparovym.Ru practical tips that will help you “survive” during interrogation.

You received a summons for questioning. What actions should be taken before the investigator’s turn?

Upon receipt of the agenda (examine it carefully to their status in the interrogation), the first thing you need to seek help from a lawyer. He should contact the investigator or agents and find out about what questions you might ask. You can not get this information. If you and your lawyer will refuse to give details of the interrogation, it is necessary to discuss with them the behavior tactics. In particular, when you come to a field or investigator investigator, try to find all the necessary information about the call events and then ask for a break and talk to a lawyer, the circumstances that information is provided to the researcher and operative.

The investigator is trying to put pressure on you. How to react, what protections apply?

As a general rule, a comprehensive physical and psychological pressure is performed by operating personnel and investigators conducted exclusively psychological pressure, very rarely – an individual. When exerting pressure is necessary to try by all means to contact a lawyer or family members with relatives who can send the defense, so he gave the pressure of facts. When you hit or you feel that you will not be able to withstand the pressure – improvising: to lose consciousness, claim a bad heart or brain inflammation. Try to leave as much as possible the torture traces on a production site.

To counteract the easiest psychological pressure. You can refuse to testify or to enter into discussion with the investigator and asked to show proof of his guilt. Do not be afraid of the psychological pressure, you have to understand that if you have not started to torture immediately, you probably will not do it, then.

As part of its on psychological and physical pressure to gain time and to contact a lawyer, you can compose a “fairy tale”, which is the version that can not be confirmed by the search action research and operational.

All pressure suits to fix the procedural documents and research that will be researchers and researchers (eg, Investigator psychological pressure was put on me, which was reflected in the following ……, the psychological pressure on me in time .. .. ….. for the provision of psychological pressure on me to participate). If you can not specify the names of the detailed description of clothing and external people data, be sure to specify the pressure methods and its objectives.

In the case of physical pressure should be invited to call “ambulance”, fix the wound and make a request for a medical examination in the emergency room. It is also necessary to bring the witnesses, if necessary, request an offense to pass an independent polygraph.

As a researcher can be misleading? What to do in case of obvious provocation?

The question everything about what you say investigators and agents. Do not agree to testify, if you promise a quick release. To avoid becoming a victim of “spinning” by the investigators and agents, find out details of your case. In the case of correcting obvious provocation lies researcher and agents in the protocols of investigative and procedural actions, we will touch the investigator to produce false and provocative actions, specify a private investigator interest in the outcome of the case, claiming that you seem to be acceptable. Create and send a complaint to the prosecutor, and if the activities are intended to commit a crime – Investigation Committee.

When it is necessary to refuse to testify? And what legal basis that it can be done?

Currently, there is a tendency, when the status of the accused to refuse to give evidence in almost all cases, except in cases where there is an alibi. Under the criminal procedure that can be done at any time, appealing to Article 51 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation ( “I believe that my testimony can be used against me in the context of a criminal investigation”). At the same time, ask the investigator to prove otherwise, then it will tell you all the circumstances of the criminal case and the evidence available. With this you will be able to assess their risks. You can make a statement at any time of the preliminary investigation, can not testify to present its case in a petition to change the preventive measure personally write their statements and attach to the interrogation report, written jointly with his lawyer explaining that he will ask to attach to the process.



Tips practicing lawyer

Criterion 1

The best indicator of a lawyer qualification -. Experience, and experience

it is not necessary. In recent years dramatically increased the number of cases related to business activities, and fundamentally changed the legal framework are not new, not previously existed in the Russian Federation the right kinds. Try a lawyer does not guarantee that he is an expert on your topic of interest.

Criterion 2

Do you have a company has its own legal service, and you expect the team’s lawyers will solve all your problems.

This does not mean you do not need and will not need a qualified lawyer.

Consider any matter related to administrative or criminal problems and personal process, you are ready to trust the lawyers.

Criterion 3

Recommendations from friends and colleagues – the safest criterion!

What one likes, another does not fit!

You do not just buy the same costume as your co-workers

Another advantage in favor of choice is a lawyer.

In contrast to the client’s employees, whether manager or chief accountant, or a lawyer in law firms, attorney pursuant to paragraph 2 of Article 8 of the Federal Law “On Advocacy and Advocacy in the Russian Federation” is not it can It is called and questioned as a witness in the circumstances became known to him in connection with an appeal to him for legal advice and their disposal, including in connection with the development of the legal and economic system (draft).

The psychological factor

Trust yourself and your instincts! personal advice as well as your private doctor, must be credible.

If after communicating a feeling of discomfort, if you are not satisfied with the proposed method of solving the problem or put “diagnosis” and talk to the other candidates.

Defining the terms of payment of attorney?

How much are you willing to pay a lawyer?

It depends on the complexity of the issue and how often you and your business require legal support.

The most common methods of payment qualified lawyer – hourly pay and subscription services.

Pros hourly pay – you pay only for the solution of a problem! For example:

Buy an apartment;

accident compensation.

method of the above disadvantages is that you get an answer or a solution to a specific problem, without linking it to all aspects of your business.

Another drawback: you need all the time to look at the clock, and if there are any additional problems – to pay extra.

Conclusion subscription service:

Costavit agreement and agree to it.

Develop and legalize the scheme of a new type of company activity, and so on. N.

After a while, your business will have a clear algorithms to solve legal problems.

If necessary, you can trust personal lawyer not only production, but also their private affairs.

Cons subscription service :. You pay a monthly fee regardless of the amount of work the lawyer and problems Maybe you pay for something that they were not?





How to behave during interrogation

How to behave during interrogation? This is any question of who first meets with the investigation. Most of us have never been in the interrogation and did not know how to behave when a call is received from the investigator. Especially when there is no good criminal defense attorney.

If the investigator is MIA (as well as the FFT or FSB), then since a criminal case. If inviting agents, then still a criminal case no. There is a pre-investigation checks. But we must go on a call, regardless of the form in which you cause – orally or subpoena. And in any case come better with a lawyer in criminal cases.

Criminal proceedings may be instituted “de facto” or in relation to a specific person. The person indicated in the decision to open a criminal case, the suspect acquires status, and therefore – and procedural law. These rights must be actively used.

If filed and under investigation in connection with the conduct of business, it is the most serious threat. The rule of law triumph in the IP can not be trusted in any case. Therefore, the problem of legal certainty remains acute, and it should be solved together with your attorney about economic crimes. It should explain the reference to the specific situation on how to behave under interrogation.

The presence in the production investigator instituted criminal proceedings gives it the widest and best range of means to limit and violation of civil rights, to create a real economic threat to the security of the company, and even the falsification of evidence.

It may not be wrong if I notice that the most effective means of protection – knowledge and, above all, knowledge of the legal investigator’s ability and knowledge of its legal capacity. The law clearly regulates the Evidence proceedings against the suspect or accused in a criminal case. Evidence obtained in violation of the law of consequence, can not prove anything, and should not be accepted as evidence in court.

Of course, the inexperienced in the intricacies of the legal entity is not able to quickly find their way in the increasingly challenging environment research and take the correct position on a particular issue. Understanding this is necessary criminal lawyer, especially in cases of suspected fraud or other economic crimes. It is no coincidence the best option, when a criminal lawyer in Moscow – in the past a good investigator. But often suspected of committing a crime may not have time to use the services of a lawyer, as an investigator with the active support of operational staff in the first hours after the start of criminal proceedings in a hurry to use the main advantages: the attack psychological, speed and various kinds of speculation with the information available on the case.

That is why it is important to gain time. In the statement much less, I suspect that it takes time to remember all the interesting consequence of circumstances, in a complex and uncertain situation of the criminal case will be quite reasonable. If you are trying to convince a crime, you can directly say that without consulting with his lawyer (which is – with her, not with the researcher’s lawyer) indications on the merits can not give.

But the confusion only leads to an increase in psychological attack, and was then for some unscrupulous police opened the field of activity for the organization of different types of revelry not quite legitimate and even provocation. They can simply say, “We know you are there random person to blame his friend He has confessed everything you tell us all about it and go home ….” As a result, in the case of a criminal organized group, or at least a preliminary collusion, or aggravating circumstances or aggravating. Self-confidence (but not going to audacity) gives the best result.

However, more often primitive victim put before a choice: or “stick” now is a good, or go “in the bank”. Here just need a good lawyer.

The suspect must keep in mind that a similar technique is nothing more than a prohibited by law means of psychological pressure. The investigator has the right to extort a confession from someone using threats. In such a case, it would be correct if at the end of interrogation protocol person specifying these threats. In general, you should be very attentive to the fact that the investigator wrote in the record of the interview or other investigative procedure. Interrogate the person in accordance with the Criminal Procedure Code has the right to make any changes to the protocol and make their observations on the interrogation procedures. These rights must be actively used. Interestingly, the workers, unlike the investigators can all day “talk” to you, but did not invent the protocol. In this case, especially when you something threatening, should be required of the minutes and to make it more interesting to the Prosecutor details of such “conversations”.

It is particularly important to understand right away with its status. A lot depends on the state. Who are you at the moment – to explain a person, a witness or a suspect already? You have the right to ask this question to the researcher, and get an answer. The difference in the amount of essential rights: for example, if the witness subject to criminal law sanctions requires that the witness, the suspect and the accused to testify was not obliged to. At any stage of the process, the suspect and the accused may refuse to testify about a subject. At the same time, such a defect can (theoretically) be considered as evidence against him. However, we must not forget that in this case refused to testify can not count on the understanding of its position on the part of the investigation and trial.

The witness also has the constitutional right not to testify against himself, his spouse and against their families. The only problem is that the skilled investigator such issues “head” is probably not deliver. qualified investigator to samoizoblicheniyu (unfortunately!) leads to competence and subtly, so that you may not realize, like ourselves to set a trap.





Practical advice and advocacy tips

The advocacy campaign and its supporters can communicate their messages to the target audience in different ways. It can be in-person meetings, memos, addressed to a specific target audience. Another option – sending messages not directly but through journalists through the media.

Any of these methods will be effective if you prepare in advance and thought of all the steps.

Develop advocacy messages

In the development of the text messages, you must remember three key points: Do not overload the message information. All those who will read it, you need to remember clearly expressed in their thinking.

The pre-test message to check the text accuracy and ensure that it is properly understood. For example, before sending the letter to the Minister of Health, advocacy campaigns members can show this letter to a ministry official, to see his reaction, and may take into account any comments.

The message must contain valid data and, of course, be classified. It is necessary not only to tell about the problem, but also to offer possible solutions. Employees must understand what the participants in the advocacy campaign wants to achieve, namely: you want the law was amended to subsidized treatment for people living with HIV / AIDS; you want a politician to support the advocacy campaign, and attended a meeting with the Minister of Health, etc.

Develop an effective advocacy message, the activists should know its basic components:


Associated with the main idea of the message. What is the main idea you want to convey to your target audience? That idea will remain in the memory of a person who has read this message?


He will understand your writing style for this audience? Do all your chosen text is clear and speech or the audience can interpret them in their own way? I need to use the text of the local dialect or colloquial style?

Convey a message. This person or group of persons who transmit information. If they are well respected among the target audience? You have the possibility to include the number of a message of any of the persons who have a personal interest in solving the problem? Participants advocacy campaign will reinforce the strength of the message impact, if you include in it a direct appeal of these groups that are directly affected by this problem.

The transmission of the message path. This is the way that the participants chose advocacy campaign to convey the audience message.

Conducting personal meetings

The realization of personal meetings – one of the most used tools for dialogue and distributes messages to the decision maker. Personal contact is an opportunity to build relationships with decision makers, which can be very useful in the future. Try to establish a regular contact channel.

Preparations for the meeting:

Determine the purpose of your meeting. Consider what you want to achieve and not try to solve all problems at once.

Develop a message. Having defined the purpose of the meeting, to develop a simple and compelling message.

Select a messenger. It is as important as the message itself. Make sure that it has adequate negotiating skills and an appropriate positive attitude, which will help bring the negotiations to a positive outcome. Practice. Rehearse your message with colleagues or friends. Ask someone to play the role of the man who makes the decisions.

Think about how and when to organize a meeting with your desired person.

Make an appointment. Officials are especially times and days of the week designated for the reception of citizens.

Request a meeting. Send a letter describing why you want to know. You get confirmation on the phone. If you can not meet the target face, but only one of the team members (face indirect target), treat them as you would treat the decision-maker.

Invite the person making the decision, look at the problem. Invite him to look at the problem and explain why you need their support. If the decision maker can not come to his office, trying to solve the problem in his office – to invite to your meeting individuals who are directly affected by this problem, show a short video about the problem or bring some pictures.

Introduce yourself (use the business card).

Be confident. Speak clearly. Do not use technical terms or jargon.

Briefly state the purpose of your visit and find out how long you have to meet. Staff often busy people and therefore the meeting time may be limited to 10-15 minutes or less, during this time you need to pose a problem, discuss possible solutions and next steps. If you feel that time is not enough, then just say so and ask to postpone the meeting to a different time or day.

Thank the person making the decision to support earlier.

Start with questions that the other person is interested and will not cause conflict. Tie your tasks with the tasks of his party.